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Glee - Perfection Is Flawed

iatethebunny posting in Perfection Is Flawed: A Rec Journal
User: furious_words (posted by iatethebunny)
Date: 2010-06-07 21:09
Subject: Glee
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This show is just easy fun and becuz it just for fun I have no prob slashing Puck/Kurt even thought it's not a pairing I would normal ship becuz in the show there is no backing for it and I normal need proof to ship but it's Glee so what the hell on with the Puck/Kurt

So Allbutwon wrote a series of fic that are general just perfect and here they are in order
A funny thing happen on the way home
Giving off sparks
Love is Friendship Set on Fire
Hard habit to break
Worn out faces
Where do we go now
You Arrested My Mind
As We Combust
Looking for Adventure

In Progress
It is written by Prufock so yes it is funny and fun and sharp
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